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This LJ welcomes discussion. If you have a problem with anything I've said, or disagree with a position I've taken, and want to tell me, respectfully, why you see things differently, I would love to hear from you. By "respectfully" I mean not calling me, or any of the people on my f-list, crazy.

If, however, your idea of discussion involves repeatedly insulting me or the people on my flist, you will be banned.

Fic Recs: OMG! Feel the Love

I've been meaning to do this forever, finally getting around to it. All are for Smallville unless I develop a life sometime soon. Most of these authors have longer, multi-chapter fics you've probably read and loved, but these stories below are mostly the smaller tales that got me hooked on their writing.

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Looking for Screencaps

Hey guys -

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some screencaps of the Vessel kiss - the ones that didn't make it to the final cut? Also am looking for the Chlark deleted scenes from Infamous?

ALSO looking for opinions on favorite Clex scenes.

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So, Is Anyone Here Watching Revolution?

I'm not. I tried for a few episodes but I couldn't get past the annoyingness, of ..., well, of a certain character.

Still, I have an odd feeling that one day, seven years from now, I'll walk into the living room where my oldest step-son is feeding his new baby while watching "Revolution" and I'll say something like, "OhmiGod, is that show still on the air?" and he'll reply: "Don't say 'OhmiGod'. No one says that anymore. And yes, it is." and I'll immediately get sucked into it's last three horrifically crappy seasons.

So, the question is, short of a time machine, how do I stop my future self from going down that road? Or should I just relax and let the inevitable happen?

In other news, I'm finished with Buffy and have moved on to Angel. Now that both shows are safely off the air for some time and anything I say about either of them will still probably alienate a large number of people:

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That said: am looking for fic recs. I know there's a ton of stuff out there, and despite my dislike of watching actors making big eyes at one another I am open to reading stuff of most any 'ship persuasion.

The Real Life of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Started new job. Some pros, some cons... the biggest con being the low-wall cubicles we sit in, so everyone can see me pick my nose and try to sneak on to fandom sites. Trying to keep both down to a minimum now. The pro is that I should be able to fix my laptop soon, so I may be able to read/write more.

It's not just the job/commute/lack of access that's been getting between me and my fandom, however. In the last month I've marathoned my way through to the middle of Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which aired during the years of my life that I didn't own a television, and all I have to say is that I will never make that mistake again. That said, Whedon definitely has a formula, doesn't he? Mix one River Buffy toting an ax with one Xander Walsh rocking yet another Hawai'ian shirt with one Kaylee Willow baby-talking her way through the series with one Giles Shepherd Book guiding everyone with his wisdom and at least one woman mixed up in some kind of system of prostitution; toss in a huge piece of wood hurtling through a windshield to stab someone in the chest, a government conspiracy, and a duster, and you pretty much have your next Whedon show. Which is to say -- why isn't another one out already?!?

File Under: Things I Can't Unsee

So, there I was, at the grocery store, strolling past the magazine rack looking to see if they still had a copy of Debbie Bliss (they didn't), when I saw it, positioned casually between Minnesota Bride and Black Hair Sophisticate: Fifty Shades: American Women Who Love the Book and Live the Life.

Content-wise, it looks like a cross between In Touch, if In Touch wrote about fictional people, and BDSM for Dummies. I don't think any American women who are actually living the life of being spanked by fabulously wealthy men would need this; it strikes me as more of an aspirational thing -- not unlike my non-existent copy of Debbie Bliss. If I were the tolerant, judgement-free person I occasionally aspire to be, I'd recognize that there's about the same inherent level of ridiculousness in knitting pure-white merino wool sweaters for a one-year-old who will probably spit pre-digested garbanzo beans on them as there is in learning how to buy lingerie for oneself from a magazine inspired by EL-freakin'-James, but I'm not.

I am judge-y. Way judge-y. And I'm also mad they were out of Debbie Bliss.


Real Life

So, I got a new job. Longer commute (will have to scrounge up a new beater somehow), more hours, more money. Will be able to quit the week-night hours at the part-time gig at least. Am sort of equal parts disbelief that I was hired, grieving for the old job/routine and terrified of all the change. I also keep thinking that it's somehow going to be un-offered to me.

Yes, I should be happy; that's not really how my mind works though.
I'm just trying to focus on the fact that we'll be able to make all our bills each month.




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